'What makes foodies special'

foodies Delicatessen as an idea and concept was born at the Christmas dinner table with family in 2015.  As a family we have always loved and enjoyed good food and farmers markets have often been our go to place for great quality, fresh and exciting produce.  I had become uninspired and tired of bland supermarket food, it was never up to the quality I craved and the majority of the food and drink was crammed with ingredients not suitable for children and didn't give any honest or genuine traceability as to its source.  These concerns have driven us to make a positive change...

Months of research followed, I scoured the length and breadth of Kent and Sussex and uncovered an overwhelming wealth of food producers which gave us the motivation and inspiration to just go for it! and open our first foodies store in our local town Tunbridge Wells.   We planned to offer the Tunbridge Wells community easy access to premium local produce on the High Street, 7 days a week.

We see foodies as a new concept of delicatessen which sources food and drink purely from local producers based within a 50 mile catchment of the store.  foodies strives to deliver the best quality and freshness at affordable prices. Our aim is to provide our customers with a wide range of exciting produce which includes your daily essentials as well as more exquisite food and drink for those special occasions.   When you buy produce from foodies it isn't just the item you can touch, feel and taste that you take with you but the wonderful provenance which surrounds those goods, years of tradition that goes into its making and genuine care and consideration.

Our key stock range will include fresh and cured meats and charcuterie, cheese, milk and cream from local dairy's, seasonal organic fruit and vegetables as well as a selection of ready to eat foods like pork pies, scotch eggs, olives, fresh dips and soups.   To compliment this selection of fine foods we have a host of tasty and exciting storecupboard goodies including chutneys and sauces, oils and vinegars, preserves, honey and nut butter, crackers and cereal, seasoning, stocks and gravy, speciality tea, coffee, fruit juice and mineral water, biscuits and exquisite chocolates.

What ultimately makes foodies special are the suppliers, we've met with a wide array of the Kent and Sussex suppliers over the past few months and its their intrinsic knowledge, passion, traditions and genuine love for what they do that makes the sensational food and drink that we can't wait to showcase for you in our store.

I hope you enjoy browsing our website, we look forward to welcoming you into foodies very soon.

Best wishes,

Sallianne - Owner